Capacity Building

Capacity Building is aimed at bringing about transformation through knowledge sharing, symposiums, workshops and benchmarking events etc amongst the Nigerian DFIs and State Investment Companies. Creating a platform that engenders positive and dynamic changes in business model approach for better performance and competencies among all stakeholder institutions.


ANDFI will take the lead in liaising with Government, Ministries, Departments and Agencies in addition with the National and State Assemblies towards strengthening financial projects with the integration of Development Finance Institutions and State Investment Companies. As well as ensure policies aimed at sustainable development in Nigeria are beneficial to all stakeholders by engaging with relevant policy makers.



ANDFI facilitates periodic meetings and events among the DFIs, State Investment Companies and other stakeholders to create a levelled ground that allows for investment collaboration, networking, idea sharing and building strategic alliances to advance sustainable development in the country. This also creates an avenue for all stakeholders to deploy the necessary financial accreditations and tools needed to attract funding and improve financial index ratings. 

Trade Missions

The association organises trade missions for stakeholders to visit other countries to explore international business opportunities to build strategic alliances and lasting business network.

Trade Missions include :

  • B2B ( Business to Business)
  • G2B ( Government to Business)
  • B2G ( Business to Government)
  • G2G ( Government to Government)
  • Benchmarking Tours
  • Professional Exchanges